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And remember them! The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that union members have the right to representation by their stewards or union officers, during conversations with managers, that could potentially lead to discipline or termination from their job. 

Demand Union Representation: You must ask for Union representation before or during the interview. 

Refuse to proceed without Union Representation: You must tell a Questioner of your desire for representation. If representation is not provided to you, stay in the room, but remain silent. 

Don't make ANY written or verbal statement of guilt or innocence: Management cannot force you to make a statement. The most appropriate response is to make NO statement. 

Do not waive your right to Representation: If you proceed in questioning without Representation, you have waived your Right to Representation and any statements made can be used against you. 

WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY: "If this discussion could, in any way, lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I request that my Union Steward or Union Officer be present at this meeting. Without Representation, I choose not to answer any questions." 

REMEMBER: A signature constitutes a legal document...don't sign anything that can be used against you later. 


Representatives have the following rights when summoned to the interview: 

To be informed of the subject matter of the interview. 

To hold a private pre-interview conference with the Employee. 

To speak during the interview. 

To request clarification of questions. 

To advise the Employee on how to answer questions. 

To provide additional information once the interview is over.

See Grievance Forms under Links & Docs page
I Got Written Up!
By Mike Lo Vuolo/Staff Rep
Many times a day the local receives calls and text messages saying, “I’ve been written up, how do I file a grievance?” After probing and asking about the situation it usually turns out to be that a CCM has had a conversation or a coaching/ counseling session with an employee. The agent wasn’t issued a progressive discipline step but the conversation between the employee and management was recorded in their file.

CR1’s (Conversation Record at LAA) and Coaching/Counseling (LUS) records cannot be grieved. Management is required to keep track of conversations pertaining to job performance. Familiarize yourself with American Airline’s Peak Performance through Commitment policy in Jetnet. Here is some information about CR1’s.  

It is wise for every employee to request to see their personnel record from time to time to see what has been placed in it. Anytime a CR1 has been recorded and placed in your file, ask for a copy. If you see any conflict or wish to add comments you have the right to enter written remarks with the CR1.  

A Manager's role is to:

  • Teach, coach, develop, and counsel the employees who report to you.
  • Recognize and encourage positive behavior or performance.
  • Identify and correct minor issues before they become major ones.
  • Handle minor or occasional substandard performance by verbal counseling. For example, if an employee's passenger contact is substandard today, but his or her past record is good, an oral reminder is adequate.
  • Maintain a Discussion Record (CR1) for each employee. This record should include any record of discussions held with your employee, such as, commendations, recognition of Company anniversaries, discussions regarding job accommodations, violations of American Airlines Company policy, disregard of instructions or procedures, and unacceptable job performance or conduct.
  • Fully investigate the more serious infractions immediately to determine all the facts and document findings on the CR1.
  • Review the employee's personnel file and any CR1(s) to get a complete picture of previous job performance and Behavior history - before deciding on any action.

After the discussion with your employee:

  • The paper Discussion Record (CR1) is signed by the employee and placed in the personnel file. 
  • If an Electronic Discussion Record (CR1) was used, place the signed record in the employee’s personnel file and provide a copy to the employee.
  • An employee may request to attach a copy of written remarks to their paper CR1.

If an agent is placed on a level of discipline at any time, a grievance may be filed. Throughout the grievance process, including arbitration, if the company cannot show that they haven’t had a conversation or coaching session with the agent, the chances of winning a grievance are better for the employee. That being said, you want to be sure that any conversations pertaining to policies, procedures, or job performance have been recorded the way it happened.