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Last night, the U.S. Senate passed a $2.2 trillion economic relief bill, and the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to pass it by the end of this week. The bill includes a $58 billion aid package for U.S. airlines.

Ensuring these funds would help prevent layoffs and furloughs was a top priority for CWA as we worked closely with Congressional leaders on this aid package. As a result of our efforts, the package includes $25 billion in grants for passenger airlines that must be used for employee wages, salaries, and benefits.

The aid package also requires that companies maintain employment levels, and it restricts stock buybacks and executive compensation for companies accepting taxpayer-funded grants and loans.

We know that CWA agents are on the front lines of this unprecedented fight against COVID-19, struggling to understand and mitigate the impacts on yourselves, your families, and our customers as things evolve at a breakneck pace. We are devoting all of our resources to working with the companies and elected leaders to get you the vital health and safety protections you need at work as well as clarity on a variety of issues such as VLOA.

We will continue to update you on developments as they relate to passenger service employees and the airline industry. In the meantime, we have posted a list of resources at If you have questions, please send an email message to [email protected] We will respond as soon as possible.

In unity,

Richard Honeycutt
Vice President, CWA District 3
Director, CWA Airline Council
Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, CLC.
501 Third Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
[email protected]
Senate Approves Economic Relief 
for Airlines with Worker Protections
Dear CWA District 6 members,

Last night we hosted a district-wide Town Hall Call to update members on the state of the COVID-19 virus, how it's affecting our lives, and what the union is doing to push our employers to keep our members safe.

One item we discussed was our webpage where you can get the latest information on negotiated concessions from all our employers, tips on staying safe, and other updates related to COVID-19. Click here to go to the webpage and learn more about how we're fighting to protect your during this crisis.

In Unity,

Claude Cummings, Jr.
CWA District 6 Vice President
CWA District 6
CWA District 6
4801 Southwest Parkway, Suite 145
Austin, Texas 78735
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