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Phone:  817-868-9933
Phone 817-868-9933

The CWA Delegate Assembly is a system wide meeting of elected delegates, members, and observers.  

The Delegate Assembly congregates every even numbered year. The Delegate Assembly considers and 
discussions on crucial criteria that has an impact on the decision making process for the CWA Local 6001 board and its members. 

All members present at the Delegate Assembly can openly participate in any discussions, debates, and meetings. The final voting process however is reserved to elected delegates.

The primary objective is to create enthusiasm and generate productive solutions to issues and topics that impact CWA members as a whole.

The Delegate Assembly's intention or goal is to unite members from across the system. Once convened, the purpose is ultimately to meet one another, pursue new friendships, and create comradery for the better good and fellowship of its members and their families. 

When and where:
The Delegate Assembly will be held November 1st to November 2nd. It will be held at the Embassy Suites By Hilton DFW Airport North located at 2401 Bass Pro Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051. (888-370-0985)

The composition of the Delegate Assembly will consist of each station or location with 15-49 members will elect one delegate. Members at locations with 50 members or more will elect one additional delegate for each 50 members. Locations in Local 6001 with fewer than 15 members will be considered to comprise one location for the purpose of electing Delegate Assembly delegates, and will elect delegates as described above. Members at the following departments will be considered as separate locations for the purposes of electing Delegate 

Assembly delegates
1. All Members DFW
2. All Office-Based Members DFWRES 
3. All Home-Based Members DFWRES
4. All Members in TX (AUS,IAH,ELP,SAT)
5. All Members in MOKA (MO,OK,KS,AR)
6. All Club/Premium Services 

Delegate elections will be conducted in accordance with the general election procedures established in the CWA Local 6001 By-Laws. Regarding the purpose of roll-call votes, each delegate will carry one vote for each member that they represent. Delegate votes from locations with more than one delegate will be divided evenly among the delegates from that location. The Executive Board members will serve as voting delegates, and will carry one vote each in the case of roll-call votes.

The nominee must be a member in good standing. In good standing means actively paying dues and has completed a CWA membership application form. The nominee must be an active employee or retired employee of American Airlines Passenger Services, or of other employers included in the jurisdiction of Local 6001, are eligible for membership if they reside in CWA District 6.

All CWA members in good standing and have completed a CWA membership application form. Members may vote only in their assigned delegate group.

The delegate nomination must be endorsed by at least five (5) members in good standing who are eligible to vote for said position. Nominees or those nominating must fully complete CWA Local 6001 delegate nomination form. The nominee must confirm they are willing to accept the position of delegate. The nomination form must be received in the Election Committee post office box by the nomination deadline 10SEP2016 at 9am. No nomination by fax or email will be accepted. 

Elections will be by secret, written ballot. Ballots will be mailed to members on 17 Sep 2016. You may vote for the number of delegates to which the group is entitled, and can only vote once for any nominee. Alternatives are those receiving highest number of votes after all delegate positions are filled. Deadline to return ballots is 01 Oct 2016. Direct any questions, concerns or challenges to: 
[email protected]