CWA Local 6001
American Airlines Passenger Service Agents
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610 S Industrial Blvd, Suite 255                   Phone 817.868.9933
Euless, TX  76040                                           Fax 817.545.8733

Standard Operating Procedures

Executive Board and Membership:

1. Executive Board members are expected to attend all E-Board meetings. If the E-Board feels any E-Board member’s absences or lack of communication are excessive, the position will be reviewed to determine if a replacement is necessary for the betterment of the membership. 

2. Any E-Board member working a scheduled shift that does not allow them to attend the E-Board meeting will be deployed and receive a maximum of 3 hours compensation for lost wages time. However, Area Reps may combine their E-Board meeting day with their office day. 

3. Any member authorized to attend an out of town Union function will be reimbursed for the Hotel Room charge only and any incidentals for the trip with proper receipts, some examples are: Taxi/Uber – Authorized rental cars – transfers from Airports to Hotels, etc. 

4. When a member or E-Board member is reimbursed for mileage used only for Union Business purposes, it will be reimbursed based on IRS guidelines. 

5. Any member authorized to attend a Union function will be required to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times while representing CWA Local 6001 membership. Failure to do so could result in civil liability and/or criminal penalties. Failure to do so could also result in the removal from your position.

6. In the course of representing CWA Local 6001 membership, you may have access to confidential information (confidential information is defined as non-public information in the Union’s possession) such as financial data, personnel and employee data (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and any other information that is reported to you as confidential. Unauthorized use or distribution of this information could also be illegal, result in civil liability and/or criminal penalties, and/or result in removal from your position. 

7. E-Board members, committee members or members are allowed to ‘swap off’ for Union Activity if the company denies authorized deployment by the Union President, and will be paid by the union. 

8. Any E-Board member representing CWA Local 6001 will be required to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times while representing the membership of Local 6001. This includes, but is not limited to, personal conduct, email etiquette, social media, etc. 

9. Flower/Charity Fund for current members in the event of their death. The amount will be $125.00 for flowers or a $100.00 donation will be sent to the charity of the deceased members choice.

Adopted 02/04/2020