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CWA Local 6001 Two Year Plan

This plan, as proposed by the Executive Board and adopted by the Delegate Assembly, defines the broad strategic goals and plans that we have set fort for ourselves. These are the plans that we believe will lead CWA Local 6001 to becoming the strongest possible force to protect and improve the jobs, livelihoods, and lives of American Airlines passenger service agents.

By adopting this two-year plan, we, the duly elected delegates to the 2016 Delegate Assembly of CWA Local 6001, authorize the Executive Board to take such steps they see as necessary to implement this plan.

We will reconsider and update this plan at each Delegate Assembly so that it is always relevant to changing conditions and is always an aspirational statement of our goals.

   I.Consolidating our Local and its infrastructure

      A.Committees of the local: within 90 days following the 2016 Delegate Assembly, the committees mandated by the CWA Constitution and our CWA 6001 by-laws will be fully functioning. The committees will have duly appointed members and chairs, will meet regularly, and will report regularly to the Executive Board on their work. These committees include, but are not limited to, committees on Organizing, Education, Legislative Political, Community Services, Women’s, Equity, Elections, and Membership.

      B.Membership meetings: membership meetings, as provided in our by-laws, will be in place, regularly scheduled and announced to the membership in each of the five areas of our local as established by the by-laws. There will be no less than four membership meetings per calendar year in areas 1 through 4. In area 5, at least one meeting per year will be held in each state.

      C.Standard operating procedures. The Executive Board will draft a detailed set of operating procedures to cover such day-to-day procedural questions as can be anticipated. This draft to be completed by April 30, 2017, and submitted for ratification to the membership no later than June 15, 2017. Standard operating procedures, if ratified by the membership will be effective July 31, 2017.


   Following the 2016 Delegate Assembly we will regularly train and appoint stewards so that every member in every location has access to the advice and representation of a steward who is based at the member’s location.   We will maintain an updated list of stewards for all to access.  We will build a culture that emphasizes the multiple roles of our stewards, as mobilizers, organizers, and key points of contact for members regardless of the issue.

   III.Communication among members

   Within 90 days following the 2016 Delegate Assembly we will establish a newsletter that keeps members informed of any developments and issues in Local 6001, in our CWA union, and in the Labor Movement as a whole. Our newsletter will be a complement to, not a substitute for, other newsletters published by CWA.

   We will also maintain an active and current web site: CWA6001.org

   IV.Solidarity and strength of our union in dealing with our employer

   American Airlines Group is the largest, and likely the most powerful, airline in the world. Our goal is to be a voice of employees that AA must deal with respectfully, constructively, and consistently. Toward this end we will take all possible steps to establish and maintain communications, close cooperation, and solidarity with other union groups representing American Airlines Group (AAG) employees. We will make particular efforts to build solid bonds of unity with other CWA groups in our airline: passenger service employees at Piedmont and Envoy, and AFA flight attendants at Envoy and Piedmont.